Mohit Khodidas

Pleiades or The Seven Sisters

· Mohit Patel

Our lives are illuminated; sparsely, dimly. Just like pin points of starlight in the maddening blackness of the universe. Sometimes on a winter’s night, it can be achingly beautiful.

The Seven Sisters, or the Pleiades (Messier Catalogue M45), is an open star cluster in Taurus. Known as Parvin in Urdu and Krittika in Hindi, these are hot blue luminous stars embedded in a hazy reflection nebula. Mostly 7 stars are visible to the naked eye. When Galileo saw it through a telescope, he found that there are many more stars in the cluster.

Andromeda Galaxy - Messier Catalogue - M45)

Andromeda Galaxy - Messier Catalogue - M45)