Mohit Khodidas

Northstar Campus Walk - November 2022

· Mohit Patel

Walking around The Northstar School is meditation for me. Some images from today’s walk.


We have a few Kassod trees (Senna siamea) on the campus near the swimming pool. They are quite large now, 6 years old). To a layman, it can be easily confused with Copperpos tree, which are also present on the campus. They both have similar looking yellow flowering. Kassod flowers twice a year, once after rain till December and again in summer.

Kassod is in lovely flowering presently

Kassod is in lovely flowering presently

Akash Neem

Akash Neem (Millingtonia hortensis), also called Neem Chameli, is a tall, narrow-canaopied tree that lines the main plaza of the school. The flowers have beuaitful fragrance.


One of my favourite trees on the campus is the Purple Orchid Tree (Bauhinia purpurea), also called Kanchnar. The flowering marks the onset of winter and it is stunning. We have many Kanchnars on the campus. I particularly love the two specimens in the swimming pool complex.